Why is it so important to add new content to my website after launch?

Regularly writing fresh content for your website is one of the most important strategies for improving your search ranking with Google and other search engines.

Googles Reputation Relies on Their Referrals Being Good

Google – or any other search engine on browser like Safari or Firefox – is in the business of making referrals.

These referrals are offered in the form of search engine rankings when someone enters a key word, phrase or question. At the top of the list is the website that Google is recommending to be the best match for the search – or, in other words, the best referral.

Googles reputation relies completely on those referrals being good... otherwise, individuals searching on the web will stop trusting them.

So, how does Google decide which website to refer?

There are a number of factors, many of which your website developer will take care of.

The website has to be built properly with industry standard code, properly sized images, well-organized content, complete meta tags and descriptions, accessible for people with disabilities, etc. Google has a checklist of these items that it will rank your website on when you launch.

After that, when it has to decide between referring two websites in the same business and trading are, the single most important factor is whether the business is continuing to 'add value' to website visitors.

How does Google evaluate this? It comes primarily down to one key thing: whether the website is offering new and relevant content on a regular basis.

Essentially, new content is Googles way of seeing that a business is active.

Regularly posting new and relevant content tells Google that you are open for business.

The analogy we like to use is that it's like standing in front of two store fronts. Both look good from the outside, but one has the lights on and the other doesn't. Of course, you're going to choose the store with the lights on. To Google, new content is your way of keeping the lights on.

From prospective client's perspective, relevant, reliable content builds credibility.

Great content can also serve to keep existing clients engaged in a conversation that adds value for them. For prospective new clients, who are considering who to select as their hearin health partner good content builds credibility for your website as a source for reliable information.

Consider a strong content strategy as part of your on-going marketing.


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