Why are key words important to getting found online?

Key words are the words or phrases that internet searchers type into search engines – like Chrome or Firefox or Safari – to find which websites match what they're looking for.

It is important for you to have key words that relate to your business within the content of your website – both in terms of geography and products / services.

Essentially, the key words on your website define your business for Google. If you want to get found for 'hearing clinic in Regina' or 'hearing tests for children in Ottawa', the content on your website must clearly include those key words, on the right pages.

Some keywords get hundreds of thousands of unique searches a day while others get a couple of hundred.

In choosing key words for your business, it is very important to put some time and thought into researching what works and doesn't work.

It's also helpful to poll your existing clients to ask what words they would use if they were searching for your business or services online.

The other thing that works extremely well is to use the Blog functionality of your website to answer the questions that potential clients are asking search engines.

For example: How do I know which hearing clinic to trust with my child. Or: Is there a difference between hearing aid brands?

Your Website With Aspire will include basic SEO key word tools.


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