How many people look at websites on their phones or mobile devices?

The number of people viewing websites on smart phones and mobile devices increases every year, and now accounts for well over 50% of web traffic world wide, according to many sources.

Mobile Usage Is Increasing Every Year

Due to the strong growth of the smartphone market in recent years, this is no surprise, especially as mobile internet often provides a more viable online connection in regions – like Africa and Asia – that lack the infrastructure and money for traditional and more expensive landline connections.

Some Demographics Use Mobile More

Although local geography impacts mobile usage, who is searching – ie. the demographic of the client – can also be equally important.

For instance, mobile use is increasing for the aging population in North America. Many seniors are turning to iPads as their device of choice.

On the flip side, the children of those seniors, busy professionals who may also be parents, will also use mobile more, fitting in their searches from the sidelines at soccer games or while they are waiting between business appointments.

And, even in your local community, clients of your business may use mobile more often than the clients of a different type of business.

Don't Disregard Desktop

Desktop is still equally important, though, primarily because the number of households in Canada with at least one desktop computer is still very high.

And, at work, most of us still use desktops.

Learn more about the difference between the desktop and mobile versions of a website here. ›


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